Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) finalized last year's external annual audit by a recognized international audit firm. The audit report was presented by the auditors to the Board of Directors on 13/4/2013. The audit results indicate continuous improvement within the institution and the financial management systems. The Board too discussed the quarterly report and plans and budgets.

Training of stakeholders on e-library

CEFORD is undertaking the second phase of training of district stakeholders on e-library and website management in Yumbe. The training has participants drawn from the districts of Moyo and Yumbe. Training is facilitated by RIC-NET an organization from Rwenzori region that has helped to develop the district websites with the aim of increasing access to information and platforms for engagement between leaders and citizens. The intervention is funded by EU

CEFORDs last Board Meeting

The last Board meeting was held on 29th Sept 2012 at CEFORD Arua office. 5 Board members attended the meeting, with one new Board member Rose Amanziru attending the first Board meeting. A team from CO-OPERAID –Switzerland who were on a project visit attended the board proceeding for an hour as observers.

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Last Board Meeting

CEFORD Board had the last quarter Board meeting on the 29/9/2012. The meeting was held at CEFORD Arua office. All the five Board Members attended the meeting, with Amanziru Rose the new Board member attending the meeting for the first time. The meeting was also attended by a team from CO-OPERAID- Switzerland who were on a project visit as observers. The Board approved the quarterly reports and the new quarter plan and budget. A new Board member was also recommended for Council Approval.

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CEFORD Council Meeting

The Last Annual Council Meeting

CEFORD Council is the highest decision making body in the organization. The Council consists of 7 members headed by the Governor. The new Governor is Mr Othembi Frank, who is also the Director of Law Development Centre (LDC). He was handed over the position of Governorship by Simon Amajuru, who is the current Board Chairperson.

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About Us

Historical information

Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) is an indigenous Non Governmental Organization operating in the 6 Districts and 24 Sub counties of West Nile Region. It is a ‘not for profit’ organization, legally registered with the Registrar of Companies incorporated with limited liability (by Guarantee) and National NGO Board ( No. S.5914/3432, in accordance with the NGO Statute of 1989).